The Principals Trust Story

Principal Trust is a group of six strong female school leaders coming together to engage in conversation and to shift the traditional notions of what it means to be a school principal. We are about real talk that explores how women can support women through the challenges of leadership with the shared aim of constant improvement of both ourselves and our chosen profession.

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Ultimately, what we hope to do is share the collegiality that we have experienced over our time together, and to encourage more women to find connections with and through other female leaders.

Our Mission

We will discuss leadership through our own particular lenses. We will name topics and ensure that each of us are voicing our particular view and honoring the layers of the onion that each of us represent. This group works because our viewpoints come from such a variety of experiences. From the almost brand new principal, to leaders who have experienced a variety of contexts; and with 6 leaders who represent a diversity of colors and cultural backgrounds, our discussions are made for anyone who wants to think about leadership dilemmas through six different perspectives, value systems and experiences.

Trust Team

Melissa Agudelo

Stephanie Brown

Nina Dixon-Mauricia

Jamey Jaramillo

Dr. Cynthia Larkin

Melissa Roy-Wood

Leadership Dilemma

Do you have a leadership dilemma? Send us your dilemma, we would love to hear from you.